North Dakota Baseball History

Below are some links to in depth history about baseball in North Dakota. All the articles have players with some sort of tie to North Dakota. Who knows, maybe you'll find a long lost relative! 

All of the articles listed below are the writings of author, Curt Eriksmoen. They have appeared in various newspapers throughout the state under a column called "Did You Know That....?" Thanks to Mr. Eriksmoen for sharing this ND baseball history with us. These documents are unedited.


ND League 1923 

1934 Baseball

1935 Baseball

A Deeper Look At The 1935 Team

Albert "Happy" Chandler

Truck Hannah

Red Hardy

Al "Rube" Schauer

Dewey Willaims

The Mondak League 1950

More Mondak

Collapse of the Mondak

The Northern League I

The Northern League II

The Northern League III